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My name is Tutu Ojofeitimi, an interior decorator and a recent graduate from Humber College, Toronto Canada. I focus on projects from ideation to implementation, and proffer design solutions that suit each diverse need.

Born in Nigeria and residing in Canada, I naturally have a rich cultural background which reflects in my style of design.

 As a diversity in design enthusiast, I am inspired by pops of colour, patterns, rich texture and the uniqueness this brings into an interior space.

Using traditional artisan made vintage and non-vintage woven fabrics from West Africa, I create custom soft furnishings for any home interior.

The history and production of Aso-Oke (Pronounced Ah-Shaw-Okay) meaning cloth from the hinterland, dates back to the 15th century. It is traditionally worn on special occasions, and as an expression of wealth and status.

Each loomed strip weave fabric, is made from cotton and/or wild silk. These strips are then joined together to make larger pieces.

Using strictly prestigious fabrics, my vintage fabric collection is restricted to the 3 classic timeless pieces:

The blue’s – Etu (indigo-dyed)

The brown’s – Sanyan (wild silk sourced locally)

The red’s – Alaari (Crimson)

Each fabric is uniquely handmade, sophisticated, rare and one of a kind. While designs might look similar, they always have distinctive features.

I am currently designing African inspired fabric patterns, as a way to infuse African designs into modern interiors. This is work in progress, as i continue to grow an Afrocentric interior soft furnishing platform.